July 14, 2005

You're Fired! Almost

I am getting close to being fired. Our department is getting work piled on it. I had to work overtime yesterday to just get some of it done. Then the Boss walks over today and says.

Boss: "Did you guys actually do some work today? You barely got anything done yesterday."

What an asshole. Then he goes and shuffles through some papers on the black guy's desk.

Boss: "Do these need to be faxed?" (to black guy)
Me: "Oh you are faxing? Here fax this. (I hand him a massive stack of work)"

Obviously that served two purposes. 1) It disrespected him big time. He is a Vice President and makes a least middle six figures, and I am treating him like the Cuban copy boy. 2) It showed that asshole how much work we are doing.

The number 2 Boss was right there when I did it, and it shocked her. She just kept saying, "You are brave". The Boss is bright red and just staring at me. I am sure he was contemplating firing me right there. Then he takes the stack, walks away, and says to the number 2 Boss. "This department is full of testosterone."

The black guy was most impressed. He kept complementing me on the size of my balls. El Gayo called me a "trouble maker".

The fax machines are by the door, and on the way out, I had to bite my lip not to laugh at the Boss still faxing my stuff while I was heading home. Oh and it was the Boss's birthday.

posted by John 9:16PM