January 14, 2005

The O.C.

Yes, I admit it. I watch The O.C., and no, I am not a prepubescent girl. Though sometimes I wish I were, but thats another story.

I cannot help it the show is so uniquely bad that I cannot miss an episode. It is not bad like one of those sitcoms were a fat man is married to an attractive woman who emasculates him every chance she gets. The O.C. is bad in its own way. The stories are painfully contrived, and there are many lines/scenes that are so corny that it is painful too watch. I literally have to turn away from the television a few times an episode because it is just too much.

I guess I am a masochist for The O.C. because every week I am back at it. I just can't wait to see what kind of bullshit they come up with next week, and by the previews it doesn't look like they are going to disappoint.

The previews showed that next week Ryan's new girlfriend gets drunk then swept away by a wave. Who says The O.C. is not topical? I was going to wait a couple weeks before making tsunami references, but according to The O.C. writers it is ok to start now.

I wonder how many tsunami screenplays are being written right now in Hollywood? My guess is around 12. They should be ready soon, if they hope to catch this wave of publicity :)

posted by John 1:34PM