November 10, 2005

Site Changes

I am making some changes to this site they should be up by Monday. I am going Jacko on this bitch. I am going to change this plain Negro boy of a website, into a beautiful Asian woman.

Basically I am going to start updating every weekday, for all you ethnics and women out there that means Monday through Friday. There will be links, videos, and pictures. Also, I am going to be putting up a new section. I do not want to give anything away, but lets just say it is super gay. A faggity girl convinced me to do it, and she is going to help run it.

Right now you are probably thinking "Why the fuck is he telling me this? Don't tell me about the pain just show me the baby". Well I am going to be accepting submissions from people. If you submit something, funny or interesting I will put it up here. Or if you already have a "blog" (ahm homo) and you have a good entry you want to share I will post it on here and link to your site at the bottom. Get you some traffic son.

God knows I could write funny shit every day of the week, but I thought I would give you kids a shot. This is not unlike the time I started that youth reading program in the back of my van. Lets hope this turns out better, and without a gunfight with the Po Po.

If you have a funny story or rant that you want to share write it up and send it to me [email protected]

posted by John 12:07AM