September 28, 2005

Short Story

I tried to write a humorous short story. Predictably, it turned into low-grade erotica with a couple of jokes spliced in. You may find the ridiculousness of it all amusing. Here is the opening paragraph.

It is Friday night and Kristi, Kristina, and Penelope Anne are going through their usual preparations for yet another "girls night out". In their bra and panties, the pre-going out tickle fight is in full swing. They all have magnificent 32C tits, which are also enjoying the activities, jiggling and bouncing about as the girls chase each other around the room.

If you want to read the rest it is here.

I am taking the LSATs on Saturday. After that I will come up with some more cool stuff. Enjoy the picture of Keira Knightly's breast and Jessica Alba's ass.

posted by John 2:08PM