March 22, 2005

MySpace Fun

I was bored so I thought I'd have some fun leaving comments for people on MySpace. Here they are.

"Hey babe just dropping you a line to let you know it was just a RASH. So I guess you can relax. But that dog might have had rabies. If you have a problem swallowing (which I know you don't ;)) I'd go to the hospital."

"Hey watsup bro, I haven't seen you since Cancun, remember we went to that Mexican donkey show and you ate out that girl on stage? During which you shouted "she tastes like ass" and everyone had a good laugh. Classic!"

"Hey Amber aka "the train". I just wanted to say me and my buddies had a great time the other night. You sure can multi-task ;). I can't believe you were right and both of them fit (your profile is right you are goal oriented). Well sorry about the mess, let me know when you get the pics developed. Lata"

"Hey sorry about your eye, honestly that is not where I was aiming. Hope the Visine helps with the burn."

posted by John 1:31AM