June 4, 2005

My Metro

I got a job in the Malaysian sex trade industry! Well not really in the industry, we are more like a peripheral of the industry, i.e. a Fortune 500 company. Anyway the people I work with are ok, besides the fact that every female that works there is completely 100% unfuckable. In my department, I work closely with a few people. They are all young white males, except for all those blacks, and old people.

One of my co-workers has caught my fancy. He is a metrosexual! Now I have read about these people in books and stuff, but I have never really been forced into close contact with one. So needless to say, I am learning a lot. When you work with someone you have to be around them for like 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, lets see that is like a million hours a month! Not to mention all that "quality time" you spend synergizing in the company's bathroom stalls. I guess what I am trying to say is, that you get to know your co-workers well.

So far my metro has done some really metroie (its a word) things.

Like showing up to work everyday with fancy clothes. If that was not an offense enough to decency, they appear to be clean and meticulously ironed. He did not participate in the first causal Friday, and was ridiculed. Now he does participate but he looks uncomfortable and fidgety, like a girl being fucked in the ass for the first time.

He has applied facial cream at his desk once so far. He usually goes to lunch at restaurants, not of the fast food variety. He brags about how he spent his whole paycheck the previous weekend attending trendy SoBe (South Beach) clubs, and drinking top shelf liquor. He was particularly pleased one Monday when he recounted the tale of how a promoter gave him and his friends free drinks because they looked "young and hip".

When we were told that we had to wear business formal attire for a meeting, he shot his load all over his desk. Well maybe not literally, but I am pretty sure he ejaculated at least a little into his ironed silk boxers upon hearing the news. He then giggled with glee and proclaimed, "it will be like a fashion show" followed by more giggling from him and the gay Spaniard that works across from him.

That is all about him for now. I will keep you all abreast (hehe breast) of future metrosexual occurrences because he fascinates me so.

posted by John 12:47PM