January 12, 2005


I went out to a club last night. Normally I hate clubs and refuse to go to them, but MTV was going to be there filming something. I thought that might bring out more hot chicks, and the drink specials at the place were pretty good so I went.

When I got there I noticed right away that I was right. The place was packed with girls, and there was an inordinate amount of hot girls (especially since it was a Tuesday!). To top this off they were dressed more provocatively then usual. I hadn't seen that much cleavage since Halloween, when girl's costumes tend to be cleavage surrounded by a nurse, devil, or maid outfit.

MTV knows what they are doing. All the people operating the cameras were fat chicks. They know you just can't trust a guy with that kind of power. The only shots they'd get from me would be of me getting head in the bathroom from a want to be famous slut.

I can see it now "True Life: Money Shots" or "True Life: Bukkake".

posted by John 4:09PM