March 17, 2005

Make a Wish

Maybe it is just me but I think the "Make a Wish Foundation" is fucked up. Why the hell are they making these terminally sick people happy? Isn't it just cruel to show them how great life can be? The happiness they receive must be minuscule in comparison to the sobering reality that their life is about to end. That everyone else will go on and experience other moments of happiness, but fate has dealt them a cruel blow.

I think they should make an organization that sticks terminally ill people in sweat shops or coal mines. Let them work 19-hour shifts 6 days a weak. Then they can stagger home to a disgustingly obese spouse, and two kids with Down syndrome.

In the long run that would make them happier. Because the illness is always there, and instead of trying to get them to 'forget about it' for a little while. Why not set something up so there imminent demise becomes something they look forward too? It makes sense to me.

posted by John 5:54PM