November 2, 2005


I was at UF for Halloween. Every time I go back to college I get so excited I start drinking every alcoholic beverage I can get my hands on and end up puking like seasick bulimic on an all you can eat cruise.

This Halloween I was the Heineken Looter (see picture). My sister agreed to do my suggestion and was Natalee Holloway (see here). We were quite the pair.

Of course most girls Halloween costumes are either cleavage or ass. Do not guess that as their costume though, because you are suppose to notice the cat ears on their head not their naked bodies.

Speaking of guessing costumes. I had this exchange with a chunky girl.

Chunky Girl: "Guess what my costume is? Everyone gets it on the first try."
Me: "Uhh Kelly Osbourne?"
Chunky Girl: "What?" (looking really hurt)
Me: "You aren't?"
Chunky Girl: "I'm Betty Boop."
Me: "Oh."

posted by John 4:52PM