April 22, 2005

Goodbye College

This is a very emotional letter I wrote saying goodbye to my love. If this had been written on paper it would have been soaked in tears… and semen.

Dear College,

We were the best of friends, and now we must become strangers. But this is the hand fate has dealt us, and we must not conceal this from ourselves as if we were ashamed of it. We are two ships, each of which has its goal and its course. You a beautiful booze cruise, packed with horny coeds, me a sexy sail boat with a huge wang.

We may cross paths again and enjoy a party together (grad school) - then lay quietly in one harbor and in one sunshine, so that it might be thought that we were already at our goal, and that our goals were one and the same. But then the almighty strength of our tasks will force us apart once more into different seas, and perhaps we shall never see one another again. That we have to become strangers to one another is the law to which we are subject. And because of that shall the thought of our former friendship becomes more sacred! Let us raise our glasses and toast to this thought. Life is too short to not appreciate the sublime time when we were more than friends.


posted by John 6:14PM