January 8, 2005

Freshman Girls

This is my first entry into this "blog". I think the word "blog" is very gay but whatever.

I am heading into day 5 of a nice little bender. I have also been hanging out with freshman girls the past couple of nights, and I must say I enjoy it. I will write an article for this site on all the benefits of hanging with freshman girls. Not the least of which is that I can say whatever I want to them. They refuse to show offense, because they want to be down with the older crowd.
Here are some random quotes that I have said to girls over the past couple nights.

"The only thing bigger than your boobs is your fat ass."
"I went down on a elephant once... it tasted like peanuts."
"Do you ever shut up?"

I have also made numerous references to pedophilia and expressed intolerance for basically every race.

No offence was shown to any of this. In fact a couple girls called me a "nice guy". Now I can be a real nice guy when I want to be, but when I am not being nice do not call me a nice guy. It angers me when people have a false impression of me even if it is a favorable one.

posted by John 2:26PM