November 21, 2005

Frat: My Favorite Four-Letter Word

"Frat" is my favorite four-letter word. Much like the other four letter "f-word" it has the versatility of a hovercraft. Actually "frat" is more like a hovercraft with wings and a wet bar.

Frat can be used in the following ways:

As a noun: "Can I join your frat? I have no friends."

Describing craziness: "That time we got blacked out and had that shaving cream and banana peel fight was totally frat!" or "Who knew Tom Cruise was so frat?"

Describing a style of dress which suppresses individuality: "Hold on, let me get my frat boots on." (Meaning leather flip-flops also known as frat flops)

Referring to being an asshole: "You mean you pissed your bed and blamed it on the sorostitute you had over that night? Nice frat move!"

Meaning drunk: "I just picked up five cases of Natty Light, time to get frat."

Meaning solely for drinking purposes (and a little ass grabbing of course): "Yeah, we're frat friends."

Meaning cool: "Dude, you're totally frat, and that's sweet!" or "Your ass looks totally frat in those jeans."

It can also be conjugated with any prefix or suffix like the words fratty, frattyness, uberfrat, frat-daddy, fratastic, and the Mayor of Fratville.

"Yeah, we had some good ol' drunken fun" is completely different then saying, "Friday night was Frat Mcfrat." The second statement specifically implies the irresponsible abuse of alcohol, public nudity, and a trip to the emergency room.

Do you see the genius in this beautiful word? Now put this dip in your mouth and chug a warm beer you disgusting pledge!

posted by Captain Holler 10:28PM