April 30, 2005

Fair Xchange

Sexual participation, my motivation
Even though I like the way you work it
You don't deserve it cause you walk around actin like you perfect
Took a while but I finally got it, and like a boss player
Bitch you ain't doin me no favors, fair xchange
Now yo' attitude ain't realistic
Yeah it's true I'm gettin pussy, but baby you gettin dick!
- 2pac

The principle of "fair xchange" is not widely accepted in mainstream society, especially among white people (stupid fucking crackers). This doctrine is rooted in the feminist movements popular in the last century (thank god that is over). Its' underlining doctrine being, as crazy as this may sound to us now, that women and men are equals.

Though the theory is social in nature. Scientists have been able to derive a formula encompassing its basic notion.

The Formula:
Pussy = Dick

A radical attack on the prevailing wisdom of Pussy > Dick. I can provide an example of the "fair xchange" theory in practice from my experience last night.

I wanted to have sex with this girl I know. I made no secret of this, which is my custom. She was unsure about whether she wanted to or not. This caused her to act in a quasi-snobbish, moody, and entitled manner. I had been drinking which is another custom of mine. She tells me she does not want to go to some party, and that she wants to go to a club. Now my feeling on clubs has been established. I believe I handled this properly.

I laughed at her, told her I was not going to a club, and that she should go because I am not going to try to convince her to come with me. She gave a bunch of reasons why she had to go to this club, and then tried to make plans with me for the next day. Her excuses for wanting to go to the club annoyed me so I blew off the future plans with "ahh maybe". This led up to the following exchange, which my friend (who is considered much more callous than me) called "heartless" and "cold".

Girl: Well maybe I can meet up with you after the club closes. I'll give you a call.
Me: Don't bother.
Girl: Well, alright sorry. Talk to you later.
Me: Bye.

I was a little harsh with the girl, but in my defense, I had been drinking. Also, I am an adherent of the "fair xchange" principle, so her behavior really annoyed me.

The principle of "fair xchange" is one I hold in high regard. You would have to be pretty fucking hot to get me to break it.

posted by John 7:04PM