April 19, 2005

Convincing Women to Have Sex

There is just no reasoning with them. Try and try as you might to convince them that having sex with you would be the best thing that ever happened to them. It does not seem to be doing any good. The bitch just won't listen!

God you should be a lawyer with the rock solid arguments you are presenting. What is her response "Like a Catholic in the White House, it just ain't gonna happen". You then tell her that John Kennedy was a Catholic and President, but that will do no good. She still will not fuck you. As far as you are concerned, her pussy is Tinkerbell it lives in Never Never land.

Most guys fail to realize that on some level a girl is almost always looking for a future fuckmate. The mistake guys make is that when they sense that she may be interested in them, they try to convince her that she is right. She doesn't need you to convince her, what she wants is for you to act in a certain manner so she can convince herself that you are fuckable. The hornier or drunker she is the more leeway she gives you on your behavior and the easier it is for her to convince herself that she wants your baby batter staining her panties.

The game is checkers not lingo. If you try to reason with her, you will just turn her off, shut your mouth and make the right moves. There is a reason debaters do not get laid often. It is because they are obnoxious pot-marked nerds. I do not really know were I was going with that. The point is you do not convince a girl to fuck, she convinces herself.

posted by John 5:37PM