March 30, 2005


I have been going to a lot of job interviews recently. Cause a nigga has gotta eat. I'm whoring myself out like crazy. If the sidewalk is for pimps, then I'm in the middle of the street pedaling my ass.

I have to say I love being interviewed by women. Especially sexy MILFs in business suits. I think my natural charm really shines through in these interviews, because I do not have to force it. When a guy conducts an interview his questions sort of poke at you. Like he is challenging you. I have to resist the urge to smash his smug face in for his insolence.

Sure I have had a couple interviews with those bull dykes that are insecure about their position and thus bitchy. However, overall I do real well when interviewed by a woman. The only restraint I have to show, is from trying to turn the friendly banter into outright flirting.

And yes I am awesome and I did use the "when do I start" line in an interview I had today. It went over pretty well, cause I am that cool.

posted by John 5:08PM