December 29, 2005

Believe It Or Not I Can Be A Dick

I refuse to accept that I am anything less than extremely charming and personable. However, after last night I might entertain the notion that when I am drunk I can be a bit of a dick.

The following things I said last night were like an Asian in ice water... a little dick.

A group of girls carrying doggy bags were just leaving the restaurant my friends and I were walking in to.
Me: "What are you doing!?! Put the food down. That is just excessive."

At the bar ordering a drink with my friend (girl).
Bartender: "Is this together or separate."
Me: "Separate. I don't know this BITCH."

Talking with a blonde bimbo.
Bimbo: "I actually just got off work."
Me: "Where do you work, Hooters?"
Bimbo: "You should go drink some more."
(I think that was supposed to be a insult)

And I almost got in a fight with an Asian Sig Ep. I guess that chapter was trying to get their GPA up.

There was one thing I said last night that I immediately regretted, and it was not "I love you". I was playing pool with a Marine friend of mine that had just got back from Iraq. We are talking shit. I am the perfect level of drunk so my pool skills have gone from shitty to respectable. I was about to win my fifth game in a row.

Me: "Man I am killing you. This must remind you of Fallujah."

That was dick.

posted by John 5:58PM