March, 26 2005

Being the Joke

I am done being the joke. When I was younger, I would do crazy things for the sake of humor.

For instance:

I would stand in between girls and guys talking at parties. If there was enough space between them for me to fit, I was there. Usually this resulted in the guy giving an inquisitive and irritated "What's up?" and me smiling and responding "Nothing much."

I would grab strange girls by the arm at closing time at the club/bar and say "Come on we're leaving!"

My freshman year I went to class everyday with a backpack that said " Girls Kick Butt!". Was I deranged or was I just funny? Know one really knew (of course its both).

I would urinate off balconies at parties. Along the same lines, I would leave my apartment to go urinate in our complex's pool. I found humor in the fact that I was blatantly peeing in the pool.

Lastly there was the time I banged that fat chick. Of course, as the years have progressed, she has slimed down quite a bit in my mind. Still it was just for shits and giggles I swear!

posted by John 2:27PM